Company overview

AT Inks is registered trademark and brand name of ink products sold by Rex-tone Industries and is the largest inkjet ink manufacturing company in India. We are headquartered in Mumbai with production and Research and development facilities located in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Today AT Inks manufactures various grades of Solvent inks, Eco-solvent Inks, Ceramic Inks, UV curable inks ,LED curable inks, Water based Inks.

AT Inks has a vast and varied experience of over 50 years in various areas of color technology. It is an ISO 9001 certified company as also runs its entire operations on SAP. Our highly qualified and experienced team has been involved in multiple aspects of the color business and we have acquired in-depth knowledge and experience in both impact and non-impact printing on various substrates like Paper, Textile, Flex, PVC, Vinyl, Backlit, Frontlit, Clear Vinyl, Reflective Media, Wet on wet printing on ceramic glaze tiles and so on. This knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of our products.

We often travel abroad for week-long conferences to speak to our customers, partners and distributors, just to gather feedback, keep abreast of best practices and apply them to improve our products. Today we work with the top OEMs in the world. We have the humility to know that we can’t do everything ourselves. Which is why we grow when our partners grow.

Our leadership team, collectively has over a 100 years of experience in the business of colour. Yet, we understand that to remain relevant we have to embrace the new, blend in with the young and anticipate the future.

Our mission

  • We believe in getting wise but remaining young
  • We believe that bettering yourself will better your products
  • We believe that partnerships are essentially friendships
  • We believe that culture can’t be captured in a 2 page document
  • We believe that getting a life is as important as getting a career

How we work

Excellent back office team, amazing 100% on time delivery record and a very hand’s on support. Love working with you guys.

Luz Mendez
OEM Factory planner, US Based

Rex-Tone (AT Inks) was able to answer all of my questions and was able to show all the documents I requested. The information I asked about a certain batch was successfully retrieved. The daily operations are being managed by a combination of hard copy, excel and other programs, like SAP. Quality control processes are in place at each part in the cycle. Internal audits are being performed on a regular basis. Communication with Rex-Tone is good with a fast response time. The personnel is trained. The R&D department of Rex-Tone is well equipped.

Steven Liekens
Application Ink Manager Ink Consistency, European OEM

The Ink just prints and prints. No clogging, No print head issues, No running Issues. Have been using their inks for the past 13 years and have not lost any printheads due to ink.

Vinit Shah
Owner, Gujarat Print Pack