Atinks Pre-coat PrimerAtinks Pre-coat Primer

  • AP401DS is a 2 Component System to be used to form Ink Receptive Layer on Multiple Surfaces using Heat Transfer/Sublimation Method.
  • Surfaces such as Ceramic Mugs, Tiles, Acrylic sheets, MDF, Plywood, glass etc.
  • Apply AP401DS within 30 minutes of mixing the 2 components together.
  • Available as a set of 800g and 200 g packs.
  • Dilution Solvent “DS1” needs to be ordered separately.

AT Inks, AP401DS is an Adhesion Promoter  (also called Primer or Varnish by some) Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with AT Inks Dye Sublimation Inks HDXL / HI / Robuste or XELL Grade of Inks, to prepare a Ink Receptive Layer to accept Transfer of Inks using Heat Transfer presses onto multiple substrates such as Ceramic / Plywood / MDF / Acrylic / Glass / Ceramic Mugs / Key Chains etc. It is a 2 Component System that needs to be mixed in a ratio of 80:20 in a bowl and then sprayed or applied using conventional analogue methods onto clean substrates as mentioned above and then allowed to dry overnight or in a hot oven for a few hours. Once film is formed, the images formed on coated paper using Dye Sublimation Inks can be transferred to get Bright prints.


2K AP401DS (Dye Sublimation)_TDS_V.4.01