Atinks Pre-coat PrimerAtinks Pre-coat Primer

  • Available in 5 Kg pack (  4000 g of Part A and 1000 g of Part B), packed in a 10/20 Kgs carton box.
  • Smaller packs are also available on requests.
  • Dilution Solvent “DS1” needs to be ordered separately.

AT Inks, AP401DS, is a Adhesion Promoter (also called Primer or Varnish by some) specially designed to become a receptive layer for Water Based Dye Sublimation inks, to be transferred from coated printed paper onto various substrates. AP401DS is a 2 Component System which when mixed together provide an excellent receptive layer.


2K AP401DS (Dye Sublimation)_TDS_V.4.01