Atinks Pre-coat PrimerAtinks Pre-coat Primer

  • A Single Component Ready to Use Adhesion Promotor.
  • It forms a Ink Receptive Layer on Various Substrates but is specifically used for Bulk production of Ceramic Mugs.
  • It can be used for Ceramic / Glass / Acrylic / MDF / Wood type of Substrates.
  • It Requires 120 Deg. C. Temperature to form a Dry Film.

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AP801DS is a Single Component System. It is an Adhesion Promoter Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with AT Inks Dye Sublimation Inks such as HDXL / HI / Robuste or XELL Grade of Inks, to prepare a Ink Receptive Layer to accept Transfer of Inks using Heat Transfer presses onto multiple substrates such as Ceramic / Plywood / MDF / Acrylic / Glass / Ceramic Mugs / Key Chains etc. It is a Single Component System that needs to be sprayed onto Substrates specifically and largely used for bulk manufacturing of Ceramic Mugs. This product Requires Curing at a minimum Temperature of 120 Deg. C. or higher for 30-60 minutes for Film formation. Once film is formed, the images formed on coated paper using Dye Sublimation Inks can be transferred to get Bright prints.