Atinks Ceramic Ink for Wall TilesAtinks Ceramic Ink for Wall Tiles

  • AT Inks product for Wall Tile Printing are specifically designed for to work on low Glaze levels as well as higher glaze levels with WET on WET Printing Systems running at speeds between 24 to 65 Meters per Minute.
  • Colors Include Dark Brown, Chocolate Brown, Beige , Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black, Aquamarine Blue, Green, Sky Blue.
  • Can be used for Direct Printing on Single Fire or Dual Fired Tile preparation techniques.
  • Firing Temperature Range 1050 to 1270 Deg. C
  • Our inks have a shelf life of 6 – 9 months with no discernible color variation or reliability issues if used before the expiry of the ink.


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An oil based, EFFECT ink that can be digitally printed using various Ceramic Industrial printers using Xaar 1002 GS6 or GS12, Xaar 2001, Spectra starfire SG 1024 or Toshiba TEC, Seiko RC 1536 and Konica print heads at a firing temperature of 40-45°C. The ceramic Inks for digital tile decoration by A.T Inks has been developed after extensive research at our state of the art R&D laboratory. The ink formulation has been evaluated for reliability and color consistency in a production environment using a commercial printer (EFI Cretaprint C3) for more than 6 months. Each production ink batch is evaluated extensively for print reliability color consistency before the batch is shipped to the customer

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Available Colors

Royal Blue, Pink, Beige, Yellow, Black