• Almost No odor
  • Bright, Vibrant Colors
  • Excellent printing Reliability
  • Good light fastness
  • Reasonable Alcohol resistance
  • Medium Rub and Scratch Resistance
  • Packaging 1 L bottle & 5 L bottle.

AT Inks, Eco-Sol 1201 Range of Inks are inks designed specifically for the Xaar* 1201 printheads. Xaar* 1201 printheads is a new product in the Xaar* family of printheads and AT inks has worked closely with the Xaar India/UK teams to fine­ tune and develop this ink. AT Inks, Eco-Sol 1201 inks come in two variants i.e. Eco-Sol Max 1201 and Eco-Sol DX 1201. Waveforms for these inks need to be procured from OEMs to ensure smooth and trouble free performance of these inks on your machines.

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Available Colors

Cyan, Reddish Magenta, Yellow, Black