• Packaging 440 ml cc cartridge, 600 ml cc cartridge, 600 ml cc bag, 1 L bottle & 2 L bag
  • Reasonable Alcohol resistance
  • Medium Rub and Scratch Resistance
  • Bright, Vibrant Colors

AT Inks, Eco-Solvent Range of Inks are inks designed specifically for the Epson* Printheads. Epson* Printheads provide excellent resolution, however, these printheads are delicate Piezo devices and need very mild solvents to give long life. They are dependent on a Damper system and a ink delivery system which is specially designed. All of these requirements, create a need to design a separate and an Eco-Solvent system for Epson* Printheads.

AT Inks, Eco-Solvent Inks can be used on Epson* DX4, DX5, DX7 and DX10 Printheads as they are popularly known. The inks are available as Eco Sol Max and Eco Sol DX Grades.

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Available Colors

Cyan, Reddish Magenta, Yellow, Black