Atinks OverCoat varnishAtinks OverCoat varnish

  • Lower viscosity version of OPV601UVA.
  • Available in 10 Kg Dark Bottle.
  • Larger packs are also available on requests.
  • Dilution Solvent “DS1” needs to be ordered separately.

AT Inks, OPV602UVA is a lower Viscosty Version of OPV601UVA and is used for similar substrates but also for paper and flexible substrates. It is an UV Curable Over Print Varnish (also called Coating or Overcoat by some) specially designed to provide better scratch/rub/scruff resistance, better light fastness, weather fastness & gloss to printed surfaces. This product was specifically designed for PVC extrusions surfaces after UV/LED Digital printing has been carried out to improve fastness properties and gloss.