Atinks OverCoat varnishAtinks OverCoat varnish

  • Works with heated printheads such as Ricoh Gen 5 / Fujilfim Dimatix Starfire SG Series / Konica Minolta KM1024 series, 512 series / Seiko and Toshiba Tec Heads.
  • Also specially formulated for Xaar 1201 / Ricoh Gen5 i / Ricoh GH222 / Kyocera KJ4A and some Epson Heads.
  • Available in 1 Ltr packing.
  • Cures with Exposure to UV LED Lamp to form a Semi Soft Film .

AT Inks, OPV702UVJ, is a UV Curable JETTABLE Over Print Varnish ( also called Coating or Overcoat by some) specially designed to work as a spot varnish on Mainly Flat Bed Printers to provide Gloss or other Special effect on certain or all digital printed surfaces in conjunction with a UV LED Lamp with wavelength of 395 nm. It provides a decorative effect as well as increases gloss. Additionally based on how it is laid down it can also provide better scratch/rub/scruff resistance, better light fastness, weather fastness to printed surface, wherever it is applied.