• AT Inks Robuste Grade of Inks have been designed based ink density generally available from OEM
    alongwith their Machines.
  • Designed to provide the user with Dark as well as Light Shade Printing on Coated Paper ( Uncoated paper will also work, though the transfer rate on uncoated paper will be lower) to get one of the best transfer Rate in the Industry and provides for Bright, Strong and Colorfast Images on Number of Polyester / Nylon Based Fabrics.
  • Robuste Grade of AT Inks Dye Sublimation Inks provide the best in class fastness properties. Please contact our Technical Support for details on the same.
  • Available in Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black / Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Magenta Colors as well as can be formulated to your specific Needs.
  • Packaging 1L Bottle, 5L Bottle and Bulk
  • AT Inks Dye Sublimation Inks are designed to work on the full family of Epson Printheads , Kyocera & Panasonic Printheads. Please inform us the Printhead you want to print on, while placing an order with us.
  • Non-VOC, water based inks
  • APEO free and formaldehyde free inks

AT Inks, Robuste™ Grade, a premium line of dye-sublimation inks, are high density, water based inkjet inks designed for a wide range of wide format printers. The inks are designed to be printed on coated transfer paper. The image printed on transfer paper is transferred onto polyester fabrics and onto coated rigid substrates under heat and pressure.


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