• 100% Non VOC Inks
  • Low Odour
  • Good Gloss
  • For Hybrid Applications i.e. for Rigid and Flexible Substrates
  • Will Work with both LED Curing and Mercury UV Lamp Curing Systems
  • Available in 1 L packing. Other packing also available
  • Excellent Outdoor Resistance
  • Good Chemical Resistance such as Alcohol Resistance / MEK Resistance / Soap Resistance
  • Good to Great Adhesion on Difficult to print surfaces ( Some surfaces may require pre or post coats)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Ultra Elite F137 are Fast Speed Curing Inks and form a Flexible to Semi Soft Film on Curing while using either UV Mercury or LED Lamps with a minimum Energy exposure of about 60-90 mJoules/cm2. Inks that will cure only with UV Mercury Lamps are also available on request. Ultra Elite F137 Grade of AT Inks is a Hybrid Product designed to be used on Flab Bed Printers as well as Hybrid and Roll To Roll Printers. These are 100% Non-VOC inks with Low Odor. This Product has very good Outdoor Fastness Properties.


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Available Colors

Varnish, White, Cyan, Reddish Magenta, Yellow, Black


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