• 100% Non-VOC
  • Distinctive odor
  • Will with UV Mercury and LED lamps
  • Good Fastness Properties
  • Very Good Outdoor resistance

Ultra Elite GF057 are Inks Specifically designed to Work with Ricoh GH2220 Printheads. Ultra Elite GF057 are Medium to Slow Curing Inks and form a Flexible to Semi Soft Film on Curing while using either UV Mercury or LED Lamps with a minimum Energy exposure of about 120-150 mJoules/cm2. Inks that will cure only with UV Mercury Lamps are also available on request. Ultra Elite GF057 Grade of AT Inks is a Hybrid Product designed to be used on Flab Bed Printers as well as Hybrid and Roll To Roll Printers. These are 100% Non-VOC inks with a Distinctive Odor.This Product has good Outdoor Fastness Properties.

Additional information

Available Colors

White, Cyan, Reddish Magenta, Yellow, Black


GF057 – TDS_V.4.01